Tuesday, October 16, 2007

G and E Timor Tourism Directory – OUT NOW!

G and E Timor Tourism Directory – OUT NOW!

At last, the first edition of the G and E Timor Tourism Directory is available to purchase in book form. It’s a truly comprehensive, 200-page directory to every tourism-related business in all 13 of Timor Leste’s districts, from mini-marts and restaurants to accommodation, tour operators, scuba diving centres, beauty salons hair salono. As well as business and local authority listings, the directory has page after page of useful background information for the traveller about Timor Leste’s people, culture, traditions and history. The guide is full of colourful photos of the country’s attractions on land as well as underwater. Ideal for new expat residents. Retail price $20 – on sale at FreeFlow dive centre, Pantai Kelapa or from Hotel Dili, Lecidere. Also, the directory is currently being loaded onto a website. It’s still under construction but for a preview check out the link: http://www.timortourismdirectory.com/index.html.


Warren said...

Well done on this new tourism directory. Lookng forward to seeing the entire directory online.

I have placed a link to this new site in the East Timor Directory at http://www.easttimordirectory.net/BusinessEconomy.html

Please review this link and let me know if you would like any changes made.

Best regards,

Warren L. Wright
East Timor Directory

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Clavis said...

Para que se não repita este laxismo intencional ou incompetente de "tropas de ocupação" australianas e neozelandesas!


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Nanda said...

Can you tell me if tjis guide exist in portuguese or/and french?

It is possible to buy this guide on Internet?

How to contact the persons in charge of the guide to propose to them my assistance for the translation of this marvellous French and Portuguese guide, if the n' translation; does not exist yet?

Fernanda G.
passionate for Timor

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