Sunday, April 22, 2007

About ATTL

ATTL – Working for Tourism Development in Timor Leste

ATTL was established in 2003 with the objective of uniting tourism operators to work towards developing the industry in Timor Leste. To this end, it is active in four main areas:

1. Lobbying and Consultation
ATTL is working actively with UNDP/WTO and the Government to represent the industry’s interests in formulating a new Tourism Development Policy. It is also a member of the Timor Leste Business Forum (FETL), a general private sector organisation composed of most of Timor Leste’s largest trade associations, aimed at facilitating dialogue with the Government, World Bank and donors.

2. Information and Communication
ATTL has begun preparing a tourism industry database and is negotiating with IFC/PEP and other donors to fund an ATTL Website. The information gathered will not only serve to inform potential visitors and overseas tour operators about tourism facilities in the country, but will also identify areas of tourism potential to be brought to the attention of donors seeking projects to fund.

3. Destination Promotion and Marketing
ATTL supported the Timor Leste government delegation attending the Darwin Expo in 2001 and PATA 2003 in Singapore. At the Timor Leste Tourism Director’s request, we will be present at PATA 2007 in Bali and the International Travel Show 2007 in Beijing. ATTL also hosted a workshop for World Hotel Link, an electronic marketing website for accommodation in Timor Leste. In addition, we are working on establishing other links with tourism operators, trade associations and friends of Timor Leste overseas.

4. Tourism Development
ATTL has a special introductory membership rate for small Timorese businesses so we can share expertise and support them as they grow. We are in the process of organising a “Training for Tourism” workshop, to identify skills needed by the industry and match them up to donors and training organisations, with the aim of increasing employment in the country. ATTL will also post job advertisements on its website. ATTL has participated in a Cultural Impacts workshop hosted by the East Timor Development agency and continues to be an active Private Sector partner with the Timor Leste Government Directorate of Tourism, Donor Nations and NGO's in a range of tourism development initiatives.