Thursday, August 9, 2007

Calling all tourism businesses...

This blog offers a space to any tourism business in Timor Leste to post their details. People do use the internet to plan their trips when they are independent travellers, as many are who come to this country. We are working on plans for ATTL, the Timor Leste Government and as many tourism businesses as possible to participate in the upcoming PATA Travel Mart in Bali in September. We will have an ATTL meeting about that once the government has finalised its plans. So it's time to make sure that you have lots of brochures to hand out! If you can't go to Bali, we'll hand them out for you.
I was also very impressed to stumble across a Dili restaurant, Sanan Rai, which has started its own blog. Way to go. Blogs are easy and cost you nothing. See what Sanan Rai have done at . So email me with your company information and photos (jpeg) and I will post them here for you.

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