Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Beijing Travel Expo: Feedback

Sunset along the beach road, Dili, Timor Leste
By Marianne Woodward

After handing out so many business cards and brochures (we had absolutely none left by the end of the show!) we are starting to get some emails which I am posting below for ATTL members to follow up on if they are interested.


It’s great pleasure meeting ATTL during BITE Beijing China last week.>If there is any news about your promotion or travel package you wish to>promote in China market, pls send to us, as we are a travel and trade>monthly journal, focusing on outbound travel market, free to anyone of>travel industry.>>Up to now our circulation number is less than 10000 copies each month in>china major cities, but based on the pass-on rate, our readership is over>35,000 each month.>Best regards, Judy>Travel News Weekly
>T +86 10 84470844 F +86 10 84470483 E><> MP +86>13910986125>B1601, International Harbor(GUO JI GANG), No. Wu 2, Dongsanhuan-beilu,>Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100027, PRChina

>Subject: Invitation to CEEITC 2007>>>Dear friend,> Thank you for your attention to this letter.
> Welcome to visit our website!> We are sincerely to invite you to participate China (Nanchang)>International Eco-tourism Exhibition. Award Tourism Conference>(CEEITC 2007), This exhibition is organized by China International>Economic Development Association, Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Bureau and>Peoples’ Government in Nanchang.> CEEITC (2007) will help you to expand china market and develop>international market. It is a high-end platform for promoting>communication and cooperation of tourism industry in and out of the>abroad. Welcome to CEEITC (2007).>best regards>Organizing Committee of CEEITC 2007>CONTACT INFORMATION:>Address: Room 1301-1302C Jixie Plaza, NO. 248 Guanganwenwai Street,>Beijing, China>P.C: 100055>Tel: 86-10-51655882 51259508 51254237>Fax: 86-10-51655865>Contact Person Liu Yang, Wang Lizheng , Wang Na>Website

NB If any ATTL members would like further details of the exhibition pls email and I will forward to you.

From: Brenda He []
>Subject: Proposal from Travel Link Marketing China>>Nice to meet you on Last Thursday in Beijing during BITE. Thank you for>your time.>>Travel Link Marketing is a company base in China who aim at providing>Marketing Representative>>Service for Airlines, Hotel and Tourism Board.>>Our Representation service include:>>Sales call and Mission assistance>Special events/ Event and Exhibition>P.R/ Advertising assistance>Road show/Product Training>Marketing Research/Reporting>Member information Service>Legal service>Storage and distribution>If you have plan to enter China Market, We are your right partner to work>with.>Looking forward to have further discussion.>Best Regards,>Brenda He>General Manager, China>Travel Link Marketing>Tel: 8610-6437-9348, 86-1380-1159862>fax: 8610-6430-1519>E-mail:



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