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More BITE 2007 Feedback

The following was passed on by the Timor Leste Embassy in Beijing. If anyone needs further info, I have prices, etc and will email them to interested parties. I have also, bizarrely, received an invitation to an international auto parts expo in China. Again, let me know if this is of interest to anyone out there!


Date: 10 June 2007
Re: 2007 Beijing International Tourism Online Expo
From: Beijing Tourism Administration
To: Foreign Countries/Areas Tourism Authorities; China’s Provincial, Municipal, Autonomous region Tourism Bureaus; all Tourism Organizations and Enterprises;
The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in people’s life nowadays. Online travel booking and e-business has been rapidly growing in today’s China, especially when self-guided tourist market has been a boom in recent years. In 2004, China’s domestic traveling market share amounts to 556.6 billion Yuan, of which 4-5 billion Yuan has been made online. However, American online travel market share has amounted to 52 billion US dollars in the same year, which is expected to be 119 billion US dollars in a short period of time.
Organized by Beijing Tourism Administration, Beijing International Tourism Expo (BITE) has been held successfully from 2004 to 2007. BITE has gained international recognition within the industry. With a focus on creating a new solution to cope with the ever growing demand in tourism exhibition sector, Beijing Tourism Administration announced that the Beijing International Tourism Online Expo 2007 (Online Expo) is to be held on 22nd of June this year, concurrent with BITE 2007. With new technology that has become available to us, this Tourism Online Expo will provide the exhibitors with a much larger and more effective platform for communication, promotion and trading. The co-organizer of this Online Expo is Beijing Relation Exhibition Co Ltd.

Presently we would like to inform you the programming of Beijing International Tourism Online Expo for your reference.

1. Online Expo Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee members of 2007 Online Expo are as follows:
Chairman: Mr. Chang-Jiang Yu; The General Director of Beijing Tourism Administration; Vice-chairman: Mr. De-Bin Yu; Deputy General Director of Beijing Tourism Administration; Secretary-General: Mr. Ji-Cheng Li; Chief Director of Marketing Department 2, Beijing Tourism Administration;
Deputy Secretary-General: Mr. Lin-Tang Yu; Technology Information Center of Beijing Tourism Administration; & Mr. Xiao-Qun Shi; Deputy chief director of Business Department 2, Beijing Tourism Administration.

2. Special Features of our Online Expo

Broader Coverage

The Online Expo removes the geographic boundaries for all exhibitors, buyers, visitors and participation is never this easy. The organizer decided to direct the online buyers to visit our Online Expo by create links with major portals and travel websites.

Cost Effectiveness

The registration fee of the Online Expo will only be 3% of what BITE charges now, whereas the exhibition lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a whole year. The cost for buyers and visitors to participate is much lower too.

Advanced Technology with Innovative Service Model

The booth of all exhibitors at this Online Expo will both be supervised by operator and by online automatic tracking system. The manual supervision will work better for those who prefer interactive activities while the automatic one would help with recording the inquiries, tracking buyer and visitor info.

Effective Promotion Platform

By using the platform of Beijing Touring Information Network and cooperation with popular portal and professional websites, the participants of Online Expo will be able to deliver free information to public, attracting more visitors than traditional onsite exhibition.

It is expected that more than 1000 exhibitors will be participating in our Beijing International Tourism Online Expo. Our secretariat of committee will be working closely with media and arranging a series of marketing promotion events that involve audiences. Meanwhile, by super linking with major portal and professional website, travel website, media website, and exhibitors own website, our Online Expo will be attracting more and more visitors than traditional onsite exhibition.

3. Enrollment Process
Online Expo participants include: Tourism Authorities, Tourism Associations, Tourism wholesalers, Travel Agencies, Hotels and Hotel Management Groups, Tourist Attractions and Resort, Leisure Tourism Organizations, Business meeting and Award Tourism Services Hotels, Public Relation Companies, Airlines, Travel shipping and coaching companies, Newly Developed Tourism Attractions, Investment Company, Tourism Media, Exhibition Management and Services Companies, Tourism Shopping Facilities, Local Characteristic food stores and Bars etc.

All companies with creditability and strength are welcome to participate in this upcoming Online Expo. Tourism authorities of every district and county in China should assist our Organizing Committee to verify the authenticity of the registration information by all participants under their jurisdiction, preventing the occurring of false of information and violation of laws.

Our Online Expo will offer exhibitors and visitors an exclusive platform to showcase a wide range products and services. It is no doubt an excellent environment in which all sectors of the industry will find attractive elements that suit their needs.

For more info, please either refer to booklet of 2006 Beijing International Tourism Online Expo, or check Beijing Tourism Administration’s website which is and Beijing International Tourism Online Expo’s website which is

You may also call or email our Secretariat of committee for further inquiries. Contacts of
Members of our secretariat of committee are as follows:
Mr. Bin Du at 86 10 85157129;
Mr. Yi Yang at 86 10 85157130;
Mr. Xun-Yang Zhang at 86 10 85157130;
Mr. Fei Chang at 86 10 85866611/22 ext 6015.
Email address of the secretariat of Committee is:

Thank you for your Cooperation, and we are looking forward to your participation in Beijing International Tourism Online Expo!

Beijing International Tourism Expo committee
July, 11, 2007
Contact: sunny (meng feng yi)
Phone: 86-010-85866611/22-6029 mobile phone:15810216695

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